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Where in the world is Speedy the Stensul sloth?

Help put Speedy the Stensul sloth on the map. How many places will Speedy visit? The possibilities are endless!

Speedy the Stensul sloth with a suitcase ready to travel the world

Here’s how to map Speedy:

1. Click on the above world map.

2. Click on the green ADD A POINT icon on the bottom left of the map

3. Add the location, title, description and photos of Speedy, if you have them!

4. Voila! Speedy is on the map!

While our cuddly plush mascot is known to move at, well, a sloth’s pace, Speedy the Stensul Sloth can create content fast, and do it collaboratively, in the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platorm™. With Stensul, marketing teams can work up to 90% faster when creating emails and landing pages. Want to see how we do it?

If you are a sloth fan, as we all are here at Stensul, you can check out Speedy’s instagram @SpeedyTheStensulSloth to follow all his adventures or click here to see dozens of photos of Speedy in action around the world.