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Stensul Goes Beyond Email with Addition of Landing Page Builder to its Creation Platform

‘A game changer to create both kinds of content with maximum efficiency’

Stensul, known for collaborative email creation, now brings creation efficiency to landing pages. As part of its expansion into asset types beyond email, the company announced a new Landing Page Builder integrated with its market-leading Stensul Creation Platform™.

“Stensul reduced the time teams spent on email production-related activities by making it a highly-efficient process that freed up valuable time to focus on program strategy and driving results,” said Noah Dinkin, Stensul’s Founder & CEO. “We took our deep learnings from email creation and brought it to landing page creation. Many marketing teams told us their campaigns often call for emails and landing pages.

“While they loved how Stensul let them create high-quality emails in minutes rather than days, their process to create landing pages still took days or weeks, causing significant pain and consuming valuable time. The message was clear: expand Stensul’s capabilities to create emails and landing pages quickly and easily in one platform,” Dinkin said.

The new Stensul Landing Page Builder utilizes templates and predefined, no-code modules that allow non-technical users to easily and confidently create landing pages. This new landing page creation capability is not a repurposed email builder, as Stensul recognizes the two asset types are very different under the hood.

“Taking the common and quicker path of simply repurposing an email builder to do landing pages would limit the designs and functionality our users wanted, and that isn’t a tradeoff we would accept,” Dinkin said. “From early customer reactions, we’re confident this offering will finally deliver what the market has long been waiting for.”

Comprehensive Adobe Marketo Engage Integration


Stensul also extended its integration with Adobe Marketo Engage to landing page creation. Now teams using Marketo can experience the same ease and efficiency creating landing pages when building emails in Stensul. While in Stensul, users can embed Marketo Forms into landing pages and securely upload the HTML to Marketo Marketing Activities via API in a single click.

“The way Stensul has combined landing page creation with email creation in one place brings an unmatched level of process continuity and control to our digital creation efforts,” said Justin Price, the Milwaukee Bucks’ Email Marketing Manager. “It offers a superior user experience, with the right blend of control and flexibility, allowing even platform novices to use it to create effective landing pages that meet our design standards. It is a game changer to create both kinds of production-ready content on one platform with maximum efficiency.”

Similar to email creation, the existing ways teams create landing pages are hard to use, prone to bottlenecks, and involve significant, time-consuming back and forth among colleagues. Building in a company’s ESP, MAP, or CMS requires a high level of skill to build landing pages properly and imposes considerable design rigidity on users. Learning to use a standalone landing page builder well takes time, and the extreme flexibility creates a host of problems for users who aren’t experts in the tool or brand guidelines.

The Stensul Landing Page Builder threads the needle between those systems’ rigidity and flexibility to make landing page creation efficient, alongside emails those same teams are already creating for campaigns.

“While standalone landing page solutions promise that they’re easy to use, it takes time to develop the necessary skill before that happens,” said Gabriella Walling, Bisnow’s Director of Marketing. “Stensul makes landing page creation much easier for users and more controllable for admins.”

The integrated Landing Page Builder is available now within the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform. For more information, visit