Stensul’s Email Creation Snapshot Report

Despite the crucial role email creation plays in a brand’s overall email marketing program, it is still the most overlooked component when building agile workflows and processes to move emails from idea to delivery.

An Introduction to Email Creation Platforms

Email creation platforms help accelerate launch times and increase send volumes, without sacrificing the quality of the emails or having to add more staff or agency resources.

8 secret workflow hacks email marketers use to get the job done

We’ve assembled some of the most effective and achievable workflow hacks at a time when marketers are under pressure to perform with dwindling resources. Discover the ‘secret weapons’ innovative marketers at some of the world’s leading brands use to do more with less, save time, and avoid losing their minds.

6 keys to an effective email brief

An email brief is the guide that aligns all stakeholders and employees involved in making your vision for an email campaign come to life. Let us show you how to write the guide to your next successful email marketing campaign.

Email team leadership

Email as a marketing channel has never been more important. And that makes the teams that create the emails equally important, if not more so. The better you understand your team members and their roles, the better you can lead them to greater efficiency and performance.