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Scale email creation without adding staff or sacrificing quality

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Hours saved per month
ROI in year one
Decreased hours per month
With stensul, internal agencies and creative services teams see hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in value, while freeing team resources to focus on driving performance.

Enable agile practices

Slash email creation time by 90%

Optimize team resources without adding staff or sacrificing quality. Guardrails empower marketers to build emails in minutes.

Launch campaigns faster

Guardrails empower any user to build error-free emails quickly so they spend more time enhancing email performance.

One place for team collaboration

An end-to-end platform brings all team members in the process together, instead of communicating in disconnected messaging tools.

Streamline review and approvals

Configurable workflows allow everyone to review and approve in one place, eliminating the endless back-and-forth.

Produce high-performance emails

Built-in QA and brand guidelines eliminate errors and reduce creation time from days to hours, freeing teams to focus on email performance.

The best brands use stensul

"Instead of spending hours going through HTML, (with stensul) I can actually focus on creating more emails and doing more projects."

Winifred L.

B2B Marketing

"[Before stensul] What was really taking a lot of my time was the coding. It was a very time-consuming and manual process, and there was a lack of responsive design within the templates that we were building. stensul changed all that."

Julie B.

Growth Marketing

"Very user friendly. Helps create emails much easier and faster. We were able to reduce email production time by a significant amount!"

Madeline W.

Marketing Operations

"The interface is simple, clean, easy to navigate and quick considering the functions it offers. PS - it generates CODE in seconds. That's pretty awesome for us non-coders. If you are looking for a simple email building and coding solution for your everyday needs, this is a worthwhile product."

Nicole F.

Growth Marketing

"stensul brought efficiency and ease-of-use to Catalent’s email production process."

Jorge R.

Manager of Sales and Marketing Technology

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