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Stensul's Monday.com integration syncs comments and email proofs keeping the whole team up-to-date with the email creation process

How the Stensul and Monday.com integration works

Getting an important email out the door can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to the approval process. Stensul has solved this challenge by creating a seamless integration with Monday.com. Users can quickly and easily create emails in Stensul and then send them securely to Monday.com along with Stensul Review and Approval comments, so that all stakeholders can stay up-to-date with the status of the email.

As comments come in, they are sent to Monday.com in real-time. Edits can be made in Stensul with updated versions of the email passed back into Monday.com, along with the status of approvals made in Stensul. Once the email has been approved, it can be pushed from Stensul to your existing email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation platform (MAP) for deployment. No more copying and pasting!

  • Create the email in Stensul
  • Send the Preview URL to Monday.com and sync comments and decisions from Stensul’s Review and Approval
  • Tag users in Monday.com directly from Stensul
  • Email review can be sent to Items within a Monday.com Board
  • Complete the Email in Stensul and send to your ESP or MAP
  • Secure direct API connection
Stensul and Monday.com integration