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Email creators access only approved assets for adding to emails via the Stensul integration with secure Amazon S3 partition(s)

How the Stensul and Amazon S3 integration works

Amazon S3 storage is a powerful and secure way to handle asset management. The Stensul and Amazon S3 integration allows approved assets to be easily pulled into the Stensul Email Builder, so that email creators can easily add the assets they need and lightly edit as required.

Modules can be created in Stensul Studio that are connected to Amazon S3, and users can navigate assets as they are creating their emails in Stensul, for a seamless creation experience that guarantees approved images and assets are being used in the emails.

  • Manage all digital assets in secure Amazon S3 partition(s)
  • Connect securely from Stensul’s Email Builder to appropriate Amazon S3 locations
  • Select the approved image(s) for your Email and bring into Stensul
  • Resize and add images as needed
  • Send your on-brand Email for approval in minutes
stensul amazon s3 integration ensures correct assets are brought into the email

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