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6 Essential Eloqua Training Resources for Marketing Automation Pros

Equip yourself with all the knowledge and training necessary to confidently use Eloqua. Find out which Eloqua training resources are the best for marketers.

Stensul integrations with Oracle Eloqua Folders and Groups

How Stensul integrates with Oracle Eloqua

Easily push HTML to Oracle Eloqua Folders or Groups directly from Stensul via API

Eloqua is a marketing automation platform from Oracle that offers campaign design, advanced lead scoring, real-time firmographic data, and integrated sales tools. This power brings complexity with it, meaning email creation in the platform is not for everyone. Stensul’s comprehensive bidirectional integration with Eloqua simplifies the email creation process. Even novice email creators can use the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ with its easy to use drag & drop capability to create on-brand, mobile responsive, inbox-tested and compliant emails.

Eloqua Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

There are many reasons marketers, especially in the enterprise space, choose Oracle Eloqua as a marketing automation platform (MAP) for B2B marketing. It was one of the first MAPs founded in 1999, with a wide range of integrations with third-party platforms, and a strong reputation.

However, it’s also known to have a pretty steep initial learning curve. In order to help expedite and smooth out that process, and help even the most seasoned Eloqua users better understand the ins and out of the platform, we’ve compiled some expert tips and tricks to help increase your familiarity and timeliness while creating.

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Oracle Eloqua Lead Scoring can improve your email program

Get the most out of Eloqua lead scoring

Generating qualified leads is already hard, but with so much in motion, it can be even harder to defend that lead quality to external stakeholders. Not everyone loves lead scoring, but for complex customer journeys and justifying marketing spend, defensible lead scoring can be the difference between adding and removing someone from your team.

In this article, we’ll focus on setting up lead scoring in Eloqua and using it to maximize the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

7 ways Oracle can add more value to your customer loyalty program

Read how Oracle’s Modern Marketing Blog thinks email can be an important way to add value to your customer loyalty program. Stensul has some advice here, so check out tip #3 when you click the button below.

Stensul integrates with all the tools in your Marketing stack across ESPs/MAPs, Messaging, Workflow, and Content libraries.