How Trevi Pay’s non-technical marketers became agile email creators

About Trevi Pay

For 40 years Trevi Pay's Credit as a Service solution has helped accelerate business commerce by extending risk-free credit and automating A/R, under a white-labeled solution. On behalf of its clients, Trevi Pay processes $6 billion in transactions per year in 17 currencies, collects $370 million each month, and facilitates transactions in over 190 countries.

The Problem

Trevi Pay’s marketing team was composed of amazing marketers, but none of them had HTML/CSS coding skills and there was no web developer on staff. Using templates in Pardot, they were able to piece together emails to get out the door, but they were not the creative, dynamic emails the team really wanted. As marketers, their team was often frustrated by the quality of emails they were sending out. The alignment was always a little off or they couldn’t bring their vision to life because they didn’t know how to code.

“How could we build award-winning emails when we couldn’t figure out how to center a CTA button?”

Tara DePaepe, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Trevi Pay

Without a native drag and drop editor and with a lack of coding knowledge on the team, getting a single email out the door (that the executive team wanted yesterday) would take 3-4 weeks. This meant that their time had to be spent creating emails around new content, or product announcements, leaving little to no time for creating more robust nurture campaigns.

Trevi Pay is a global company and they send emails in 5 different languages. For those of you who are curious, English has about 6.1 characters per word and Polish has 7.2. Their marketing team was designing emails using dynamic content and trying to make them look good in any language.

What they really needed was an email creation tool designed for marketers, not developers.

“We were building out huge nurture campaigns our executive team wanted up and running yesterday so we needed to move fast.”

Tara DePaepe, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Trevi Pay


DePaepe decribes stensul as "a breath of fresh air to a drowning woman." They finally had an email creation tool for marketers and could own the entire email creation process from building with a drag and drop editor and a curated image library to deploying in their marketing automation tool. Stensul also provided the team with built-in checks and balances for things like brand guidelines, accessibility checks, and internal reviews. They are an agile, fast paced team, and this functionality ensures they pump the breaks from time to time to check links and enforce brand standards on every email.

With the drag and drop module components in stensul, the team is able to send very distinct emails. "No one wants to send (or receive) the same email over and over with new copy and an updated hero image." Each module can be thought about as a lego, and each email is a combination of legos put together in different ways. This is much more than an email template; forget everything you know about email templates.

Once the email is built, has gone through internal review, and is approved to send, it's simple to get the email pushed to Trevi Pay's MAP (Pardot) for sending.


Decrease in creation time per email.
3-4 weeks to 3-4 hours
Increase in click through rates 
9.8% to 28.5%

Team productivity and time savings are two of the huge benefits of stensul.

At Trevi Pay, the team is always looking for what they call "force multipliers" – where can they get the most benefit out of their time?

No-code email creation is a force multiplier. When it was taking them 3-4 weeks to get a single email ready to send, they didn’t build robust nurture campaigns and instead were doing everything they could to send emails about new content and  product announcements. Since implementing stensul, that limitation is gone, and it’s no big deal to create a series of emails to build pipeline.

Onboarding technology was another big pain point in the past for the Trevi Pay team, yet stensul was their exception. The customer success team made setup quick and gave the team excellent training so they were able to realize labor savings within a few weeks of signing the contract.

The native workflows in stensul also proved to be huge time savers for them. The baked-in review process allows  reviewers and approvers to collaborate seamlessly and streamlines the entire review process.

One of the shortcomings of metrics is that they don’t always capture the intangibles. As marketers, the team was often frustrated by the quality of emails being sent out. DePaepe says, "Stensul has allowed us to build beautiful emails we are proud to put in front of our customers and prospects. That’s a great feeling. It actually takes us less time to build better emails."

Before stensul, they sent very simple autoresponder emails for content downloads. The click through rate for these emails wasn’t great, the average was 9.8%. Once stensul was in place, they redesigned all of them. In addition to providing a link to the content, they could now very easily add links to additional content they thought readers might like based on their interests. The average CTR for autoresponder emails today is 28.5%.

{Stensul is} A great platform that turned email design from torture to fun!

Malia Khasina, Marketing Specialist, Trevi Pay

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