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Fully integrated with major ESPs

stensul understands how particular you are with your email campaigns. That's why the platform is fully customizeable to whatever possibilities your marketing team can dream up.

Featured Module: Liveclicker

Real-time 1:1 personalization delivered without leaving the stensul builder

3 steps to lift off

  1. Select type of personalization
  2. Paste in snippet
  3. stensul automatically makes it mobile-responsive within your email
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Advanced styling

"Lock in" your bullet points, color palettes and much more

Multiple color palettes in one email

  • Link/text color options are determined based upon the color palette chosen at the email level
  • Give email creators full range without going off-brand

Custom bullet icons

  • Customize how your bullets appear on your emails
  • Give life to your brand with every detail

Control your colors

  • Font colors are dictated by background colors
  • Lock down what font options are available when you choose a background color
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- 2 -

Automate processes

Reduce manual tasks with configurable automations

Campaigns that name themselves

  • Implement naming conventions with dynamic tag options
  • Less thinking, more emailing

Lock down how elements appear

  • Toggle module elements on/off to keep them in the same order
  • Keep consistent with your Text Sections, CTAs and more
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- 3 -

Responsive Design

Enable seamless designing of both mobile and desktop

Image upload specific to device

  • Upload images for desktop AND mobile images
  • Select the best image based on the device email is viewed on

Responsively design every detail

  • Alter modules based on device email is viewed on
  • From text overlay to text below and much much more
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- 4 -

Content feeds

Pull in content from all over without leaving the stensul platform

Featured Speakers Module

  • Search preloaded employee text and populate automatically
  • Save time pulling speakers from your marketing database or CRM

Your Instagram <> Your Emails

  • Integrate your Instagram feed with your image library
  • Let your subscribers know about your latest posts
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Pull in blog posts automatically

Got big ideas for how you'll use stensul?

Now that you've seen some highlights of how we've helped enterprise marketers from Box and YouTube turbocharge their emails with ease, it's YOUR turn to tell us how you would customize stensul.

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"Instead of spending hours going through HTML, (with stensul) I can actually focus on creating more emails and doing more projects."

Winifred L.

B2B Marketing

"[Before stensul] What was really taking a lot of my time was the coding. It was a very time-consuming and manual process, and there was a lack of responsive design within the templates that we were building. stensul changed all that."

Julie B.

Growth Marketing

"Very user friendly. Helps create emails much easier and faster. We were able to reduce email production time by a significant amount!"

Madeline W.

Marketing Operations

"The interface is simple, clean, easy to navigate and quick considering the functions it offers. PS - it generates CODE in seconds. That's pretty awesome for us non-coders. If you are looking for a simple email building and coding solution for your everyday needs, this is a worthwhile product."

Nicole F.

Growth Marketing

"stensul brought efficiency and ease-of-use to Catalent’s email production process."

Jorge R.

Manager of Sales and Marketing Technology

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