How Lyft Empowered Its Local Teams to Build Emails Faster & Drive Results

About Lyft

Lyft was founded in June 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer to improve people's lives with the world's best transportation. Lyft is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S., is available to 95% of the U.S. population and recently launched in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. Lyft is preferred by drivers and passengers for its safe and friendly experience, and its commitment to affecting positive change for the future of our cities.

“With stensul, we’re not stuck making all of these emails for local teams and are able to focus on the high growth/leverage projects that will ultimately affect all these teams. So we’re able to redistribute the resourcing in a much more efficient way."

Nicholas Rozzi

Growth Marketing Manager - Engagement

The Problem

Nick Rozzi realized Lyft had a problem. As they were rapidly expanding across the United States, and pushing into Canada, Nick identified that consistent inefficiencies in their email production process were becoming a bottleneck and limiting opportunities for growth.

Local markets, not trained on Lyft's email marketing platform, were dependent on Nick's team in San Francisco for all steps in the process: approve deployment requests, collaborate with the creative team, manually code emails, QA, and then deploy. "The thought of training someone on our ESP outside of the office was just a non-starter and that was a huge bottleneck," Nick said.

If Lyft was going to empower its teams across the country to act on local events, transportation shutdowns, and other hyper-timely occurrences, it would have to reduce their dependence on headquarters. If Lyft could find a way to streamline its email creation process by redistributing the upfront work for all email campaigns to the local markets, it could free up HQ's engagement team to focus on more strategic work like communicating effectively with their driver network.

The Goals

Decrease  time-to-deployment without sacrificing quality control

Empower local teams to create market-specific emails for better and faster engagement

Redistribute the resourcing and focus on higher value projects

"Our process was time-consuming and manual."

Email is a critical communications channel for Lyft  - and they knew their process was
taking far too long.

1) Manual email coding
"Coding every email and making tweaks to the current email templates was extremely time consuming and too much of a manual process," said Nick.

2) Lack of responsive design
As a mobile-first product, responsive design was crucial to Lyft's email program; however, the volume of email campaigns they were sending out led to non-responsive emails being rushed out the door.

3) Brand consistency
Lyft operates in dozens of markets in the U.S. and Canada. Local teams would sometimes forgo design and brand guidelines within email in favor of on-time delivery to their valued local customers.

4) Back and forth reviews and last minute changes
The local teams, the creative team, and Nick's team did their best to stay organized and fully understand the needs of every email request that came in. Staying on the same page is tough at Lyft's scale though, and the back and forth that was required to prevent mistakes took a heavy toll on people's time and energy.

5) Time to deploy took far too long
The whole process, from email request to HQ approval and deployment, took a long time. Even for small, quick-win deployments, the current process was overly time consuming.

“Using stensul, our process is a lot easier than doing the full, 360 degrees of getting everything together. It’s definitely an incredible improvement in our process and workflow of the company.”

Nicholas Rozzi

Growth Marketing Manager - Engagement

The Results

Decrease in production time

Increase in emails created
over three months

Maximum time it took to create
one email

1) Liberated HQ team from everything but the approval process
“Working with stensul enabled us to take a step back and really only be there at the end of the process after someone has created an email," Nick said. "At that point, it’s already been QA’d, and we just take a look at it and send."

2) Enabled team to create a best practices guide
Using stensul, Lyft was able to standardize design and brand guidelines across their email program.

3) Allowed Lyft to meet its 24-hour email Service Level Agreement with ease
Lyft has a firm SLA of 24 hours for every email they "ship" and they were routinely stretching themselves far too thin in order to meet that goal. However, with the help of stensul, they have been able to meet the SLA 100% of the time with ease.

4) Equipped Lyft to communicate with its audience in a much more effective way
Because of the built-in mobile responsiveness of emails created with stensul, Lyft was able to communicate with its audience in a much more engaging way than before. "I love the mobile responsive templates. Stensul is an industry leader in accommodating for mobile without requiring its users to know how to code." Nick says. Additionally, the team is now reaching an audience that may not have been previously reached.

Lyft emails built with stensul

“Because the local teams can produce emails quickly with stensul - it makes Lyft seem like a part of the community as we’re able to react in real time to what’s happening in the individual markets.”

Nicholas Rozzi

Growth Marketing Manager - Engagement

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