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How it works

First thing first, a user builds the email within stensul. Once complete user selects “sends email for review.”

Some notes:

  • Users have the ability to select reviewers from predetermined list or enter email addresses.
  • Reviewers can be “required” for final approval.
  • Ability to add a cover note to “reviewer”

Select your approvers

Upon completion, your email enters “Approval Status”. Select your approvers and hit "Submit" to begin the approval process.

Check your email

Notification emails are then delivered to your selected approvers. Quickly review the email by clicking the link in the notification.

Approve directly in editor

Approvers can review the email in specific approvals flow environment - separate from campaign editor. Approvers can then leave comments directly adjacent to the proof

Approvers can then take any of the following actions:

  • Approve
  • Approve with comments
  • Reject
  • Reject with comments

Track approval status with ease

User who requested approval can easily track the status of the review from the home dashboard.

...And that's it!

Approvals and Commenting is available now to all stensul users.


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